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    Weil ich schon Fantasy-Entzug habe:

    The Fifth Season -- N. K. Jemisin

    THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS . . . FOR THE LAST TIME. IT STARTS WITH THE GREAT RED RIFT across the heart of the world's sole continent, spewing ash that blots out the sun. IT STARTS WITH DEATH, with a murdered son and a missing daughter. IT STARTS WITH BETRAYAL, and long dormant wounds rising up to fester.
    This is the Stillness, a land long familiar with catastrophe, where the power of the earth is wielded as a weapon. And where there is no mercy.

    ASIN/ISBN: 0356508196

    Long Bright River – Liz Moore

    In a Philadelphia neighborhood rocked by the opioid crisis, two once-inseparable sisters find themselves at odds. One, Kacey, lives on the streets in the vise of addiction. The other, Mickey, walks those same blocks on her police beat. They don't speak anymore, but Mickey never stops worrying about her sibling. Then Kacey disappears, suddenly, at the same time that a mysterious string of murders begins in Mickey's district, and Mickey becomes dangerously obsessed with finding the culprit--and her sister--before it's too late.

    ASIN/ISBN: 0593086384

    A Single Thread -- Tracy Chevalier

    It's 1932 and Violet Speedwell, mourning for both her fiancé and her brother, escapes her suffocating mother and strikes out alone. Violet falls in with the broderers, a group of women who embroider Cathedral kneelers, and is soon entwined in their lives and their secrets. As the threat of a second War appears on the horizon Violet collects a few secrets of her own that could change everything.

    ASIN/ISBN: 0008153825

    Elmet – Fiona Mozley

    Shortlisted for The Man Booker Prize 2017. Daniel is heading north. He is looking for someone. The simplicity of his early life with Daddy and Cathy has turned menacing and fearful. They lived apart in the house that Daddy built for them in the woods with his bare hands. They foraged and hunted.
    Cathy was more like their father: fierce and full of simmering anger. Daniel was more like their mother: gentle and kind. Sometimes, their father disappeared, and would return with a rage in his eyes. But when he was at home, he was at peace. He told them that the little copse in Elmet was theirs alone. But that wasn't true. Local men, greedy and watchful, began to circle like vultures. All the while, the terrible violence in Daddy grew.

    ASIN/ISBN: 1473676495

    Heavy – Kiese Laymon

    Kiese Laymon grew up a hard-headed black son to a complicated and brilliant black mother in Jackson, Mississippi. From his early experiences of sexual violence, to his suspension from college, to his career as a young college professor, Laymon charts his complex relationship with his mother, grandmother, abuse, anorexia, obesity, sex, writing and ultimately gambling.

    ASIN/ISBN: 1526605767

    Für den Alt-SuB-Abbau:

    I Found You – Lisa Jewell

    Surrey: Lily Monrose has only been married for three weeks. When her new husband fails to come home from work one night she is left stranded in a new country where she knows no one.

    East Yorkshire: Alice Lake finds a man on the beach outside her house. He has no name, no jacket, no idea what he is doing there. Against her better judgement she invites him in to her home.

    But who is he, and how can she trust a man who has lost his memory?

    ASIN/ISBN: 1780893612

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    Der magische Reiter von Kristen Britain

    ASIN/ISBN: 3453524799

    Dieser erste Band steht stellvertretend für die ganze Reihe, die mir 2019 viele schöne Lesestunden beschert hat. Britain erfindet das Fantasy-Rad nicht neu, erzählt die Geschichte von Karigan aber sehr unterhaltsam und fesselnd.